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Guide To Customers
  • 1. How to buy Right?

• In our firm, we have in - house research team which constantly keeps on thinking, exploring about the ideas which will make your acquisition    hassle free and easier at a very competitive price.

• Deciding about the right property to Invest in or right kind of House to buy is very critical and this is where we step in to help you in deciding the    right course of action.

• In any purchase of Real Estate, there are Three Factors namely (1) Area of the Flat (2) Locality of the House (3) Budget involved for purchasing   the same.

• Of the above 3 factors, a common person can choose only two. The third will be decided by the market forces. Now, based on your requirement,    we help you in deciding the Two factors which are of utmost importance to you, so that you acquire a property without any constraint..

  • 2. Common mistake of Buyers

Shopping for a new home is more of an emotional decision rather than a practical one (more so, if it is your 1st House). But buying a property is a very cumbersome process in our country. It involves lot of hassles, negotiation, Legal work, documentation etc before the dream becomes realty.

In the midst of it, some buyers (who usually believe more on Heart), get caught in the excitement too much that they tend to overlook certain subtle procedures which may become expensive.

  • Lack of Market Research

Real Estate is a business with uncertaininty. The information about the market is latent and they are not available to outside world. Thus it becomes very difficult for a common person to know and understand the Reality of Real Estate. Due to lack of information, Buyers tend to land up at wrong gate and may become susceptible to investing in incorrect product.

  • Paying the Right Price

In our Country, we have Regulators even for Telephone calls which are as cheap as 1paise per second. But when it comes for buying a House, we don't have any regulator for controlling the price of House which is bare necessity. On top of that, real Estate market works in a very opaque way. There is no explanation/reasoning for the price being quoted and the Builders have a very strong lobby and cartel to hold back the price even in adverse circumstances. Thus, many a times, buyers land up paying more than what they are intended to pay.

A professional realtor like ours, can offer an unbiased opinion on the value of a home, based on market conditions.

  • Buying a incorrect Property

In our day to day dealing, we have come across several instances where Buyers have landed into a property which is not as per their need. Now, Home is thing which you don't buy on day to day basis. Once purchased, it remains with you for generations.

  • Unclear title

Once a House is purchased, Buyers and Sellers take different routes and may not even meet again in life. So, before you sign any document, be sure the property you are considering is free of all encumbrances. The series of Title deeds, possession certificate, Handing over letter, Clear Title deed, Non Encumbrances etc are all clear and no liens, debts, undisclosed owners, leases or easements exist.

  • Expected Repair Cost

It is very pertinent to estimate the amount of expenditure which needs to be incurred after purchase (In case of buying an Old property). The cost of such Expenditure needs to be discounted at the time of Negotiation.

  • Financial Clearance

It only takes a few days to get financing pre-approval. When you are shopping for a home, this gives you more power. A seller is more likely to consider an offer from a serious buyer.

  • Remember additional cost

Besides the funds for the purchase of a home, you'll need funds for items such as loan fees, insurance, legal fees, surveys, inspections, etc.

  • Rushing the closing

Before you sign the deed, ensure that all documentation clearly reflects your understanding and conditions of the transaction. Has anything been forgotten? Don't rush. You could lose money, financing or even the sale.

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